At first we were just looking for a Spanish guitarist, and my dad had worked with Milton for an art showing. All I had heard was Milton’s original Spanish guitar songs which are amazing! When we found out he also offers DJ services we thought why not have one guy for all the music?! Milton is just overall musically talented. He knows how to tailor the set to be what you and your guests want to hear. My biggest concern was that people might not wanna dance at our wedding, but with Milton this was NO PROBLEM! He had EVERYONE up and dancing, people dancing with people they had never met, cousins and childhood friends from both sides of the family. It was truly magical, and Milton helped to make it all happen. I highly recommend Milton for all your wedding music needs. He will make whatever you want happen, no matter the amount of effort it takes for him. He switched back and forth from Spanish guitar to DJ booth three times throughout the night to be able to play the right music for the right moments. AMAZING! Thank you Milton and Music in Tahoe - I don’t know what our wedding would have been like without your cheerful self and the services you offer.

I was really worried about having the perfect DJ for our wedding (I love to dance and so do my friends and I've been to soooo many weddings with boring or awful music) and Isaac 10000% delivered. I cannot recommend him enough! By chance, I heard Isaac DJ disco music (which I do not like) for a disco roller party at Northstar and fell in love with his enthusiasm and how well he mixes and chooses music based on the vibe of the crowd. I contacted him to see if he would travel to Hawaii for our destination wedding and he was HAPPY to do it -- he handled the rental equipment, even brought a guitar to play at our ceremony, and made our wedding the best party any of our guests have ever been to!!! He also, from our in-person meeting to the wedding, made me feel like all aspects of the music was 100% handled, including updates on how excited he was to get the music together for our wedding. Sure Hawaii is dreamy, the food was divine and the champagne was flowing but ISAAC was the talk of the night for providing the dance party that none of us will ever forget!!!! Thank you Isaac for making our wedding perfect!

Isaac was, simply put, phenomenal. We had a very nice venue in Tahoe, but the piece of the wedding that got the most compliments was Isaac as a DJ - people literally went up to him afterwards to tell him how amazing of a job he did. He had the dance floor crowded all night, and his enthusiasm was contagious - it’s wonderful to see someone who truly loves what he is doing getting so into the music and the singing. We realized at the end of the night that we had forgotten to walk around to tables to say hi to people, since once the dancing started, it never stopped. (For context, our friends in attendance were mid to late 30s, but almost everyone - from our friends to our parents and their friends - kept coming onto the dance floor.) In terms of process, Isaac was the best of the three intro calls we did with DJs - he was warm, explained his philosophy, and helped us understand the process. We also submitted a song list to him to guide him, and while he didn’t play all of it (impossible, since it was so long) and he added some songs off list, the spirit of what he played hewed exactly to what we wanted. He was also very easy to work with for the ceremony, partnering with our friend who played the piano for the ceremony itself. You may pay a little bit more for Music in Tahoe, but it is 100% worth it.

DJ Rusty B was the absolute BEST! Everyone at our wedding is still talking about how great he was and how much fun they had at the dance party. He read the room perfectly, made fantastic mash ups, played everything on our list, and took requests as asked to do. There was not one dull moment at our reception and our guests where dancing until we had to close down. Rusty was professional and met with us prior to our day to get to know what we wanted. He was flexible and adjusted to last minute set up changes with no questions asked. Our ceremony music was perfect and timed exactly as planned and he put together a great cocktail hour playlist just from a short list of our favorite artists we gave ahead of time. We highly recommend to anyone looking for a great DJ!

One of the best decisions we made for our wedding! Isaac knows how to make a crowd DANCE! Our wedding was the best party of our life, and we owe much of that to Isaac! He was so great to work with, professional and chill and knew how to organize our random favorites into an amazing night that had everyone on the dance floor. He knew how to read a crowd really well, and could expertly tell what the crowd wanted. We had the time of our life and couldn't be more grateful for Isaac's expertise, ability to listen to our needs, and high energy. We'd hire him again in a second! Thanks again!

Milton did a fantastic job as both a musician (solo guitar) and DJ at our wedding--we can't recommend him more highly! He learned songs for our ceremony and played them beautifully, suggested a song for our grand entrance, performed flamenco guitar during the cocktail hour, and then was a DJ with a great sense of humor and feel for the party at the reception. Loads of people commented specifically on how terrific he was. He's a true talent and sure to make the music of your wedding day as special as the event itself.

Fellow Brides! If you are anything like me, picking a DJ is one of the MOST important aspects of your wedding. The hunt for an amazing DJ who understands your needs, hears your vision, supports your wedding flow and most importantly is genuinely amazing and NON cheesy is over! Music in Tahoe was amazing. We met with Isaac almost a year out from our wedding, and knew right away he was a great fit. His genuine nature and ability to listen to your wedding vision with music was so reassuring. It was almost too straightforward and easy working with Music in Tahoe. We put together our list of songs for our ceremony and reception, and the rest Issac handled. Smooth sailing, AND our reception was beyond one of the best dance parties of our lives. Banger after banger was mashed up, and our friends and family were truly still talking about how fun the dance floor was the next day. Our wedding coordinator actually asked who we worked with as well, she was super impressed. In summary, Music in Tahoe was amazing. I'v had nightmares my entire life of having a cheesy DJ control my wedding (we have all seen "The Wedding Singer." So. much. fun. Hopefully Isaac is around for our next renewal of our vows because that was a FUN time!

We hired Music in Tahoe to do our wedding in August 2019. We had music as a very high priority at our wedding. We also had an event the night before that required a separate soundsystem. We worked with Music in Tahoe on the music/programming/live band/DJ logisitics and were impressed every step of the way. Isaac and Music in Tahoe, simply put, know good music and how to execute an event. I have been to many other weddings and often the music/DJ plays recycled wedding hits(Sweet Caroline, Shout, etc). We wanted nothing to do with that. We wanted funky/fun authentic music and Music in Tahoe took our vision and executed it at the highest level. Music in Tahoe had a package that fit our requirements and everything went perfectly. On our wedding day we had mics/sound for the ceremony, a live band and 2 DJs play outside for the reception, one which required a full turntable setup. For the after party Isaac DJd on a separate sound system setup inside the lodge. Music in Tahoe took our style and suggestions and linked us up with the live band as well. Music in Tahoe managed a couple of scheduling changes/challenges that were made by us and they also suggested the best ways to make the ceremony and reception flow based on their experience and also our input on what we wanted. Our wedding guests loved our music and event. My mom even went to a wedding the next week and told me that "The djs at the other wedding weren't even mixing". Music in Tahoe will take your input and create the perfect musical experience for you and your guests or if you need help to create and execute your vision they can do that as well. Isaac is also an amazing DJ and the best wedding MC I have ever experienced. Hire music in Tahoe for a reputable and amazing company for your event!

Isaac is the ABSOLUTE BEST DJ! He MADE our whole wedding night with a 4-hour nonstop late-night dance party. It was incredible and all of our friends agreed—it was the best dance party (and wedding) they had ever witnessed. Some even went so far as to say they never needed to go to another wedding again, it was so fun! 

I have a few bride-to-be friends who were debating the band vs. DJ question and Isaac completely sold them! He helped them see how fun a dance party can be when you have the right music, the right energy, and some seriously special spinning skills. But, in all seriousness, Isaac has SKILLS. Quite a few guests commented on his many musical "personalities": he ran our ceremony sound super smoothly and professionally, he played an acoustic bluegrass set for our cocktail hour, and then he turned into the most incredible hype man/DJ for our dance party. He listened to our musical preferences (soul, 90s hip hop) and executed better than we ever could've imagined. I think what makes him so special as a DJ is just that he knows music and how to put music together so well. He's a trained musician, which must help him match the beats and spin together the most epic mixes. He will even go so far as to learn a few new songs to play for your guests at cocktail hour! 

Music was incredibly important to us and the main priority for our wedding - we wanted to make sure people danced but, more importantly, that our DJ understood our vibe and could make our wedding uniquely ours. Isaac BLEW US AWAY. Not only did he vibe on all the soul/oldies/funk that we loved, he knew all the new stuff we loved as well Tuxedo/Lizzo, etc. He is truly a musical magician and perfectly curated every aspect of our wedding - from the pre-ceremony to cocktail hour to easing everyone onto the dance floor to playing the spot on songs in the midst of the full blown dance party - he always read the room and knew what would work best. All of our friends and family commented on our music and even asked for his information because they could not believe where we found this “wedding DJ”. Isaac was beyond a wedding DJ - our guests felt like they were at a full blown show dancing the night away to an amazing DJ set. If music is a priority to you (and it should be, it really sets the tone and vibe!) then, Music in Tahoe is a must. The dance floor was packed the whole night and we are so grateful for choosing Isaac and Music in Tahoe!

I can’t say enough about Music in Tahoe. We were so impressed with Isaac and he truly made our wedding. Isaac is so professional, helpful, organized, responsive, creative and fun! From the planning stages up to the day of the wedding Isaac was always available and super quick to answer any questions we had. We went with the acoustic guitar and DJ package and I highly recommend it. Isaac and Milton are so incredibly talented and it really gave our wedding a special and personal touch to have songs we selected being played as we walked down the aisle. The acoustic guitar continued through our cocktail hour and it was just beautiful. All of our guests loved it and we received so many compliments. Isaac is also really good with handling the flow of a wedding and wrangling guests and making sure things run smoothly and on time from cocktail hour to dinner, to speeches to cake cutting. We were so lucky to have someone who was such an amazing DJ and MC! And of course the music was just perfect, people were singing and dancing in line on the way to the buffet and to me that really says something. After dinner Isaac played killer music and really knew how to get people on the dance floor! Everyone had the best time and we wanted to stay all night. Our wedding went so smoothly and everyone had a blast and we truly could not have done it without them. We are so grateful to him and highly recommend Music in Tahoe!                                 


Isaac was an amazing DJ. We didn't think we'd have many people dancing at our wedding (we honestly didn't even think that WE would dance much), and it felt like everyone was on the dance floor the entire time (I'm not sure I ever left it)! Isaac kept everyone dancing and having so much fun. So many of our friends commented on the music on the night of our wedding and even afterwards. They said the dance party portion of the night made the wedding the most fun one they had ever been to:) That was all thanks to Isaac. He was great at reading the crowd and adjusting the music accordingly. He had really high quality sound equipment, which made a big difference. Also, apart from being a great DJ, Isaac was super friendly and we just genuinely enjoyed working with him. Thank you, Isaac!!

I found Music in Tahoe through The Knot and heard back from them the day that I reached out. Isaac met with me, my husband, and both our families at a super sweet coffee shop and made us feel totally comfortable with his process. We had some pretty quirky songs in mind and a couple sweet surprises for the family, and Isaac brought our vision to life. He sang beautifully throughout our cocktail hour and ROCKED our reception. So many of my guests keep contacting me saying that our wedding was the most fun they have ever attended and that the DJ was incredible. Isaac presented such a great blend of our music with stuff to really keep the dance floor moving!! ALSO- huge bonus- I had no clue how to put together a wedding timeline or who to really look to as a “coordinator” when mine fell through...yea he helped with that too. So awesome. He really made our day so incredibly special. I could go on and on, but just trust me, he is the best and we were so lucky to have had him apart of our big day!!!


Words cant describe how great Music in Tahoe is! I must have had 20-30 positive comments from friends and family of every generation telling me that it was the most fun and energy filled dance floor they have ever seen at a wedding. Isaac is also a stellar guitarist and singer who provided excellent ambiance for our wedding ceremony and cocktail hour. Throughout the whole process, Isaac was a dream to work with and on the wedding day he really came through helping us keep the whole night seamless and on schedule. 5 Stars truly is not enough!



We were so pleased with our decision to book Music in Tahoe for our wedding. Isaac was communicative and helpful during the booking process and quickly put us at ease that we had made the right decision. Isaac put us in touch with our DJ Sam Ravenna well before the wedding so that we could communicate back and forth in the months leading up to our date. Sam was a perfect addition to our wedding; the mic'd sound was clear during the ceremony, he expertly emceed the event, he was eager to take song requests, and we all danced the night away. We couldn't have asked for a better experience! Big thanks to Isaac and Sam!!!


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