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Harmonizing On Your Wedding Day

Musical Artists that Inspire and Elevate

Tying the knot in Tahoe is your time to shine and shout your love from the mountaintops! From the breath-taking views on the tram ride up to High Camp, to the vaulted high ceilings and open spaces at Olympic Village Event Center, Palisades Tahoe has you covered with fantastic options for your wedding celebrations. Your wedding day should be a gorgeous symphony, and just like any great composition, the right music can elevate every moment. From the romantic strains of a string quartet to the lively tunes of a vibrant DJ, there are countless ways to set the perfect mood for your celebration. Hiring a music vendor like Music In Tahoe that offers various musical options so you can get an all in one access pass. Let’s explore some of the various  options you may want to include in your wedding celebrations and when to feature them throughout your special day.

1. A String Quartet Can Truly Elevate Your Ceremony

   The timeless elegance of a string quartet adds a touch of classical sophistication to your ceremony. Our players are the best and brightest that Tahoe has to offer. Hailing from the Reno Philharmonic and formally trained at the School of Music at the University of Nevada, Reno our classical players bring a professionalism that is rarely found in the wedding music world. Imagine the start to your wedding ceremony at High Camp, as guests arrive, gentle melodies can set a serene atmosphere, building anticipation for the main event. Consider classical pieces for the processional and recessional, such as Pachelbel’s “Canon in D”. Or ask our musical artists to arrange a modern song to offer a fresh approach. Music in Tahoe’s owner/founder Isaac Freed recommends an elevated modern instrumental arrangement like Beyonce’s “Halo” made by our very own David Haskins. You can see a sample video of our quartet playing is arrangement at Music In Tahoe 

2. Our Jazz Duo/Trios Are The Ultimate Cocktail Hour Vibes

   Transitioning from your ceremony to your cocktail hour calls for smooth and soulful sounds to get the celebratory vibes going. Our jazz ensembles, with their improvisational flair, are perfect for this part of your wedding day. Guests can mingle and enjoy conversation while sipping specialty cocktails, serenaded by the sounds of classic jazz standards or contemporary interpretations by artists from the Reno Jazz Orchestra. Our jazz artists; Lucas Arizu, Karl Busch, David Haskins and Chris Clark play hip modern arrangements of songs from popular artists as well as their own tasty remakes. Checkout the video archive at Music In Tahoe  for sample videos of our various jazz players. 

3. Acoustic Singer/Songwriter for an Intimate Dinner Setting

   As your guests settle in for dinner, an acoustic singer/songwriting will set the stage for an intimate and truly heartfelt experience. A solo/duo singer-songwriter can perform romantic ballads or personalized tunes that tell your love story. Their heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies provide the perfect backdrop for heartfelt toasts and meaningful conversations among family and friends.

photo courtesy of Chris Werner Photography 

4. Our Inspired Spanish Guitar Duo Makes for a Beautiful Reception Under the Stars

   As the sun sets and the evening festivities begin, the warm and rhythmic tones of a Spanish guitar and violin duo create an enchanting atmosphere, especially on the outdoor decks. Whether you’re dancing under the stars or enjoying a romantic moment with your partner, the passionate melodies of flamenco or classical Spanish guitar music add a touch of exotic allure to your cocktail hour or reception. Music in Tahoe features Milton Merlos, a renowned Spanish Guitarist and Danny Cobo Mediterranean violinist for an incredible musical duo. Milton + Danny make incredible arrangements of popular songs as well as Flamenco favorites. Checkout our video archive for samples here Music In Tahoe 

5. A Fantastic DJ Will Have Your Guests Dancing the Night Away

   When it’s time to hit the dance floor and let loose with your guests, a professional DJ is essential to keep the energy high and the party vibes going. With a diverse repertoire spanning genres and eras, a professional DJ can cater to your collective tastes as well as the taste of your guests, ensuring that everyone gets up to dance and celebrate. From classic hits to current chart-toppers, a professional DJ keeps the rhythm of the night alive until the last guest leaves for the afterparty at Rocker.

photo courtesy of VILD Photography

photo courtesy of Chris Werner Photography

Incorporating a variety of musical artists into your wedding allows you to create a multi-dimensional experience that reflects your unique style and personality as a couple. So, make it easy on yourself and your to-do list by contacting Music in Tahoe to book the perfect wedding entertainment for your celebrations. It’s your special day and our beautiful music will truly set the tone for an elevated wedding at Palisades Tahoe. 



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