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The Ultimate Guide to Selecting Music for Your Wedding

With so many variables to consider while planning your wedding, one thing is sure: music is the sole element that can most quickly establish the vibe. It’s also your chance to interpret the motivation of the songwriters while forming your own impressions of what the songs mean to you. When planning a wedding, we believe selecting music is one of the most exciting areas for personalization. It can tell your stories and conjure up musical memories formed earlier in life. So if you are still looking for the ultimate guide to selecting music for your wedding, you’re in luck because we just made your life a whole lot easier! ⁠

1. Visualize various moments within your upcoming wedding and allow that imagery to inspire you while selecting music. Then, listen to a song you’re considering using for walking down the aisle, and think about how it makes you feel and the tone that it sets. With such a spectrum of music to choose from, you should find a vibe that represents you as a couple.

2. Choose music that you and your partner truly love and will want to sing along and dance to when it’s played – not just what you think you’re supposed to play. This is infectious, and your guests will join in, even if they aren’t as familiar with all the songs. The next thing you know, the dance floor is packed, and you’re literally surrounded by love.

3. Give yourself permission to embrace the spotlight and have fun with it! This is your day and your guests have traveled from near and far to celebrate you two and your marriage. Take this opportunity to let loose and show off your fun side.

4. Think back to the music you two listened to in college, high school, growing up, or when you first met. Nothing hits harder than songs you’ve known and loved for years. As you take this walk together down memory lane, you will learn more about your fiancé and hear stories you’d never hear otherwise. Think of this as the ultimate mixtape that tells your individual and collective stories.

5. Integrate your respective families’ cultural traditions. This will get everyone out of their seats, no matter their background. It can be amazing to share these parts of your adjoining families and will be sure to help guests break the ice. It’s these moments that will make your big day truly unique.

6. Start a shared playlist with your fiancé to collect songs you love, listen to them together and talk about how they could fit into your wedding. This can be fun, especially when you have many months of lead-up time to your big day. Keep in mind there’s a place for nearly any song within your wedding, don’t just focus on dance floor bangers. Think about the pre-ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner playlists too. This is where mellower and more lovely songs will find their place.

7. Consider your guests and what music will fire them up. To play a slow dance or two will make guests from all generations feel included in the festivities. Find out what your parents and/or grandparents’ first dance song was and consider using it as a slow dance at your wedding. This will honor the sentiment of marriage and bring them in on the musical enjoyment in a deeper way.

8. Consider covers, remixes, and instrumental versions of favorite songs. This can be especially fun for the first dance and the ceremonial songs. This can bring both familiarity and freshness to your big day all at once. Our team of musicians will offer to learn and arrange a song or two of your choosing. For example, you can select an ‘80s pop song for your walk down the aisle but have it played romantically on acoustic guitar. This is sure to leave a lasting impression and will form a positive memory for years to come.

9. Leave room for your DJ to work and be open to their input. We are professionals and regularly see lots of variety in the groups we work with from all over the world. So put the time in on your song selections, ask any specific questions or make any special requests that you have for your DJ, then let us take it from there!

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